Find the Best and Affordable Swimming Pool Contractors in UAE

When it comes to life in UAE, the first thing that comes to mind is luxury. A luxurious lifestyle is incomplete without having a swimming pool in a lush garden. That’s why owning a private swimming pool in the beautiful outdoors of your villa is not a desire but a dream of everyone living in UAE. To help with this dream come true, swimming pool contractors in UAE have been serving its residents since its establishment.

In this article, we have gathered a list of swimming pool companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other states like Sharjah and Ajman to help you choose the best one for you. You will also find the necessary things you should consider like cost, expertise, and portfolio before hiring any firm for swimming pool services.

Why hire swimming pool contractors in UAE?

Because it needs high professionalism and technical support to construct and maintain a swimming pool unlike gardening, which is very appealing when doing it yourself. You may be a seasoned gardener when you have gardening tools at home and a small outdoor area for cultivating plants. But wait! You cannot build a pool without hiring a swimming pool company.

Swimming pool contractors in UAE have years of experience and access to advanced tools. They have teams of professionals ranging from designers to construction workers, to do this job.

Yes, they charge you a handsome amount, but their services are worth your project cost. All the headache goes to the company you hire for swimming pool construction and you pay some amount at the end, wow so much fun! Isn’t it?

When you pay money, everything becomes easy. Swimming pool contractors in UAE provide many pool services from making to maintenance support and renovation.  They construct pools and provide you with swimming pool maintenance and renovation work.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool in UAE?

Swimming pool contractors in UAE do not have any thumb rule or fixed price for building a swimming pool because the cost depends on various factors. The first thing is how big or small is the size of your pool, following which type of swimming pool you want to construct. The design is yet another factor affecting the cost of your project.

Size matters a lot but when it comes to differentiating a private swimming pool from a commercial one. Commercial swimming pools are much bigger covering a large area.

However, home pools do not have so much variation in size but rather the features. Indoor swimming pool construction costs you different, obviously more than the outdoor installation.

In general, a typical home swimming pool will cost you something between 60,000 AED to 80,000 AED. This is just for a simple pool with no extra features like a waterfall, lighting, deck area, and cooling system. But, for a larger private swimming pool with imported materials used in it, swimming pool companies in UAE give a cost estimation of 130,000 AED to 300,000 AED.

Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

Dubai is a modern city with a luxury lifestyle and that is why the landscaping industry here is growing day by day. As the demand for luxury swimming pools grows with time the number of swimming pool companies in Dubai also increases.

Though it is a very small city featured with amazing skyscrapers and harsh weather conditions, landscaping still has its importance here. Most of the swimming pool contractors in UAE are hosted in the emorite of Dubai.

There are amazing beach hotels and resorts in Dubai equipped with world-class luxury. Residential buildings with residents belonging to the upper class spend a lot of money on luxury and renovation work. It has given birth to several swimming pool contractors in Dubai to meet the market demand.

Just the construction of swimming pools is not a money-making business alone. The maintenance work is another business for small firms to make a handsome business. There are so many best swimming pool maintenance companies in Dubai that take care of your luxurious water assets regularly in return for a small amount.

Here is a list of top swimming pool contractors in UAE that provide services in Dubai with a professional team, years of experience, and a strong portfolio. We have gathered this information after a deep analysis of the landscape industry in the UAE. You can learn about each company profile and contact information to easily compare and find out the best pool contractor

NameRatingsReviewsContactWeb Details
Pools R US Swimming Pools LLC4.6107Call   Website    
Exterior Space Swimming Pools4.888Call   Website
Silver Fox Pools and Landscaping4.791CallWebsite
Futurescapes Swimming Pools4.822CallWebsite
Sapphire Swimming Pools4.923Website
Living Acre Swimming Pools4.837CallWebsite
Pools by Design LLC4.731Call Website
Pools Shop Dubai4.825CallWebsite
Four Seasons Pools and Gardens4.522CallWebsite
Falcon Pools LLC4.223CallWebsite
List of Best Swimming Pool Contractors in Dubai

Swimming Pool Contractors in UAE, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the second most advanced state and capital of the UAE. It is developing very fast and becoming an attractive place for international tourists after Dubai. This city is also featured by modern skyscrapers but the landscaping industry is more developed here.

Several swimming pool contractors in UAE are providing pool services in Abu Dhabi.

The land area of Abu Dhabi is larger than all the other states and a big part of this is still available for modern infrastructure.  A lot of landscaping projects are in progress here and the demand increases day by day. That’s why many landscaping contractors in Abu Dhabi are in the field to fulfill this demand.

If you have any such project in plan and looking to hire one of the top swimming pool contractors in UAE, we are here to make your search easy. We have made a list of swimming pool building and maintenance companies in Abu Dhabi with their ratings, reviews, and contact information. You can choose the one that matches your needs.

NameRatingsReviewsContactWeb Details
Axon Swimming Pools4.839CallWebsite
Arabian Pools4.174CallWebsite
Aqua Middle East Swimming Pools4.129CallWebsite
Euro Gulf Swimming Pool LLC3.721CallWebsite
Atlanta Pools Technical Services LLC4.117CallWebsite
AONE Swimming Pool Maintenance4.855CallMap Location
List of Best Swimming Pool Contractors in Abu Dhabi

Swimming Pool Contractors in UAE, Ajman

Explore our list of prominent swimming pool contractors in UAE, Ajman, and choose the best one for you. The list contains all information including ratings, reviews, and contact, of each swimming pool company in Ajman.

Name of the CompanyRatingsReviewsContactWeb Details
Smart Leisure LLC3.919CallWebsite
Adwaa Swimming Pools Contracting4.98CallMap Location
Aqua Safe Pool532CallWebsite
Blue Mist Swimming Pools546CallWebsite
Al Masaq Swimming Pool Contracting LLC4.818CallWebsite
List of Top 5 Swimming Pool Contractors in Ajman

Swimming pool contractors in UAE Vs landscaping companies, which one to hire?

In general, both offer swimming pool installation and maintenance services. Both companies have a team of professionals available for swimming pool construction and maintenance. There is just a tiny difference, you should consider before hiring any pool contractor.

 Swimming pool contractors in UAE only deal with pools and have expertise in it. Landscaping companies have a wide range of services. They deal in gardening, pool building, and patio also.

So if are going to build a pool only, then go for a swimming pool contractor. But if your project contains a patio, outdoor lighting, and other works, then landscaping companies are the best option. Because you would not need to hire separately for each work.

 There are several best Swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can hire them for all types of outdoor services ranging from swimming pools to patio formation.


UAE has a luxury lifestyle. The demand for luxury swimming pools is increasing day by day. Many swimming pool contractors in UAE are working to meet the market requirements. We have created a list of swimming pool companies serving in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Swimming pool and landscaping companies are in general, the same. However, landscaping is a broad term that includes services like gardening, lawn lighting, and patio formation. It is not specific to swimming pool construction only.

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