Discover the 10 Top-Rated Landscaping Companies in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It has become a top city. It is known for its tall buildings and beautiful design. As the city expands, the demand for green spaces has increased. Landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi are working hard to meet this demand. They do so by providing pretty and useful outdoor spaces for homes and businesses.

Now, there are many landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi to choose from. So, it’s important to research each company’s ratings. Also, look at their reviews and contact info before choosing. It will help you understand which company is more professional and trustworthy.

In this article, we will explore landscape contractors in Abu Dhabi. We will cover their ratings, reviews, and contact information. You will also get some tips on how to find the best landscaping company in Abu Dhabi for your project.

Why to hire a landscaping company?

Landscaping companies help you create stunning outdoor spaces for your house. They have a natural look and a feel of relaxation. When you come home from the office and sit on your beautiful lawn with your loved ones, you forget all your tiredness.

You can make your home look a lot better by having beautiful greenery in your backyard. A beautiful swimming pool on the lawn surrounded by green plants gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.

That’s why top landscaping companies in UAE come into the market, to serve you. They have a team of landscapers that design, construct and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for you.

Abu Dhabi also has a growing trend for beautiful green spaces. This trend has given birth to an extensive list of landscape companies in Abu Dhabi.

How do I find the best landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi?

The landscaping industry is well-developed in Abu Dhabi. Several landscaping companies are serving there. But to choose the right one depends on your project requirements.

There are many landscape companies in Abu Dhabi and each company provides specific services only. You should first check the services you need. Also, check which company provides them in Abu Dhabi. You should also check which landscape company has a specialty in that service.

You should look at the portfolios of the landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi. Specifically, the projects related to the services you need. Do this. Then, you can compare their services and prices with those of other companies. This will help you make the right choice.

Checking out the portfolio of each landscaping company isn’t easy, is it?

No, it’s not, there are many top landscaping companies in UAE. If you sit and start searching for landscape contractors in Abu Dhabi, you will find a long list of landscape companies in Abu Dhabi. This will also include those serving in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

This is because landscaping is a booming industry in the UAE. The demand for outdoor amenities, green spaces, and other landscaping services is rising. It increases every year. As a result, there have been a lot of landscape companies popping up in the UAE to meet the demand. That’s why there are now a large number of companies offering these services.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi. We have added their ratings, reviews, and contact details to make your job easier.

You can easily see the portfolios and Google reviews of each landscape company on the list. so you can decide who should you hire.

What information does the list of Landscaping companies provide?

It contains full information on all the best landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi. The information includes location, ratings & reviews, and contact details.

Location: If you want to visit a landscaping company’s office, you can find the location on Google Maps. We have added the map links for all companies’ offices.

Contact Information: Call or WhatsApp before visiting a company’s office. It will save you time and energy. Almost all landscape comanies in Abu Dhabi provide consultaion on phone.

Reviews: The major thing in hiring any service provider is to check what people are saying about them. People share their thoughts for free. They share them about any landscape company in Google reviews. Find the number of reviews and average ratings in the list of landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi.

Ratings: It is expressing your thoughts about the goodness or badness of a company in the form of Stars. There is a greatest of five stars. Five stars mean you’re satisfied 100 percent. The ratings shown in the list are from the Google Maps reviews.

Website: We gathered info about all the major landscaping contractors in Abu Dhabi. We did this to help our users by making a list. After reviewing carefully, if you find your best fit, you can visit its website. You can explore it in detail with just a click.

All the above information is in the list. It is from the Google My Business profiles of the landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi. If you still find any wrong or un-updated information, please let us know in the comments to correct it.

List of Landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi

NameReviewsRatingPhoneWebsiteGoogle Map Location
Cento Landscaping LLC304.8NAWebsiteAddress
Evergreen Landscaping Company93.7971 2 677 0074WebsiteAddress
Al Reef Landscape and Garden Design Abu Dhabi404.1971 50 219 5998WebsiteAddress
Gebal Group LLC Head Office224.6971 2 446 4684WebsiteAddress
Space Yard LLC194.8971 2 444 1897WebsiteAddress
Garden Landscaping145971 56 848 4787NAAddress
Royal Land Landscaping164971 50 511 3891NAAddress
Green Dream Agricultural294.2971 2 667 6877WebsiteAddress
Twam Agriculture254.2971 2 677 8871NAAddress
Discovery Landscape & Gardening Services104.2971 2 555 5219NAAddress
Green Valley Landscaping65971 50 581 2846NAAddress
Green Image Landscaping and General Contracting LLC55971 2 444 2542WebsiteAddress
TROPICAL LANDSCAPING65971 2 554 9487WebsiteAddress
Tulipa Landscaping LLC - Abu Dhabi branch54971 2 583 0660WebsiteAddress
Cool and Cool Flowers and Indoor Plants534.8971 56 819 4505WebsiteAddress
ARGUS Pest Control and Environmental Company94.4971 52 305 5713NAAddress
Landmasters Landscaping and Construction L.L.C44971 50 959 0613NAAddress
Emirates Landscape LLC204.9971 2 674 4777WebsiteAddress
Backyard Butlers54.6971 54 712 0000NAAddress

Did not find your favorite company? Don’t worry, you may perhaps looking for big names. it’s ok, let’s check the list of landscaping companies in Dubai.

Are you willing to help us improve the rating scale of Landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi?

It would be great to hear back from you. Did this list help you find the landscaping company that you were looking for? Was the list of Abu Dhabi landscaping companies useful? Please let us know in the comments, how much this list was helpful and how we can improve it further.

If you let us know in the comments, it’ll be an honor for us. It will also help the next person seeking landscape services. They can find the best landscaping company in Abu Dhabi based on your shared experiences.

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