Know The Fundamentals of Inexpensive Gardening in Dubai For Beginners

Dubai is well known for its skyline. It’s a city with all the luxury resources for modern life. But one cannot ignore the importance and indeed the beauty of green lush gardens. And this is the fact that the gardening and landscaping industry in Dubai is growing day by day.

People in Dubai love to have a calming outdoor space. They use it to sit back and relax after they get home from their busy work. But, gardening in Dubai has many challenges. This is due to the harsh weather. Some nice solutions can fix these limits. But, they need thorough guidance.

. In this article, we have revealed some top secrets for successful gardening in the dry weather of the UAE. We have also shared tips for complete beginners to grow plants in their villa garden. For those hiring gardeners instead of doing it themselves, we have useful info. We also have a list of landscaping companies in Dubai. They can choose the best one for them.

Challenges and Opportunities of Gardening in Dubai

Gardening in Dubai has its challenges. They arise mostly from the harsh desert climate. It has high temperatures and little rain. But, with careful planning and innovative techniques, these challenges can be overcome. How to grow plants in the dry weather of Dubai? If you learn which plants match this harsh environment and the right tools and techniques, you could be a successful gardener.

Outdoor plants in Dubai face challenges. They start with intense sunlight and long exposure to it. Then, there are irrigation restrictions. Another thing to worry about is the sandy nature of the soil. The gap between the plants of choice and the ones recommended for UAE weather is still a big issue.

But, as every problem has a solution, every challenge brings opportunity with it. Similarly, there are many opportunities to cash in on. We will fully guide you on how to do it. Even if you are a complete gardening beginner, you can still succeed. Just follow the tips in this article.

Essential Gardening Tools You Must Have

Having the right tools is key to successful gardening in Dubai. Tools make work easy and reliable. You have to do many tasks in gardening. These include digging, loosening soil, and removing weeds.

Quality tools not only make tasks easier but also contribute to the longevity of gardens. You need several gardening tools. They include a sturdy shovel, pruning shears, watering cans, and a reliable hose. You can easily find these tools in any gardening shop in Dubai.

If you have a busy work routine or another reason stopping you, you can hire a gardening company. Many gardening companies in Dubai offer professional gardening services to their clients. They will do it for you more professionally but of course, it will cost some money.

valuable Tips for Successful Gardening in Dubai

You might think, Dubai is not a great place for gardening. This is due to its unique dry climate and sandy soil. But you have seen plants in the UAE desert, in full blossom with no effect of water scarcity or hot temperature. Do you know which types of plants adapted to hot and dry climates to choose to make this possible?

We did brief research. We have some recommended species of indoor and outdoor plants. They grow easily in Dubai. They need less water. They tolerate hot weather and need little maintenance. They are more popular and you can get them from any gardening shop, Dubai has many more.

Five Indoor House Plants for Gardening in Dubai

Money Plant

The money plant is a tropical plant from Southeast Asia. It is mainly grown indoors. Its scientific name is Epipremnum aureum. It has thick, waxy heart-shaped green leaves with splashes of yellow. Money plants prefer warmer temperatures and neutral soil normally with a PH of 6 to 7.5 to grow at a normal rate. It is an evergreen plant that loves deep watering but not frequently. This indoor plant loves bright light. It needs direct sunlight. That’s why it’s planted indoors.

Money Plant (Photo courtesy by Unsplash.com)


The plant’s scientific name is Zamia furfuracea. But, it is commonly called a cardboard plant. It resembles a palm but is a good replacement for real palms. That’s because it tolerates dry weather well. This makes it the best option for gardening in Dubai. Zamia plants can be easily grown in a pot that should contain drainage holes and does not require so much care.

Zamia Plant in the garden (Photo courtesy by Alpine Nurseries)

Areca Palm

Areca palms are very attractive and the most popular houseplant to be grown indoors. Many people know them by common names like Areca palm, bamboo palm, golden cane palm, and yellow palm. But, the plant’s scientific name is Dypsis lutescens. It’s planted in spring. It grows in warm places. That’s why it’s in the “Outdoor Plants Dubai.”

Areca Plant (Photo courtesy by Plant World London)

Peace Lilly

Their common name is Peace Lilies. They belong to the genius Spathiphyllum. They are native to the tropical regions of southeast Asia. It has dark green leaves and very beautiful flowers of white color giving it a very attractive look. It is the cheapest and most popular houseplant. You can get it everywhere. It is common among other plants in the UAE desert. Peace Lilly loves the average temperatures and is that’s why best for indoor gardening i Dubai.

Peace Lilly (Photo courtesy by Interflora)

Snake Plant

The snake plant is also called Saint George’s sword, due to its sword-like leaves. Its other common names are mother-in-law’s tongue and viper’s bowstring hemp. The plant’s botanical name is Dracaena trifasciata. It is an easy-to-grow house plant. It thrives in well-drained sandy soil and tolerates dry, low-light environments. These traits make it the best choice for indoor gardening, especially in offices.

Snake Plant (Photo courtesy by Plant Informer)

Top Five Easy-to-Grow Outdoor Plants for Gardening in Dubai

Desert Rose

In botany, Desert Rose is known by the scientific name Adenium obesum. It is a slow-growing plant native to the Middle East and some tropical countries. It can be grown outdoors for ornamentation in warm places like Dubai. But, it can also be grown indoors in cold areas. Spring is the recommended weather for planting Desert Rose.

Desert Rose plant (Photo courtesy by Tooth Mountain Nursery)

Jasmine Vine

The plant’s scientific name is Jasminum Sambac. Jasmine Vine is a beautiful flowering house plant. It is easy to grow in warm climates. It is one of the evergreen outdoor plants in Dubai. It has climbing branches and white, yellow, or rarely pink flowers. Jasmine has small flowers with very attractive fragrances with blooming time from October. You will love to have it in your home garden.

Jasmine Vine (Photo courtesy by Gardenia )


They are tough thorny plants with varying flower colors and blooming seasons. Bougainvillea tolerates drought. This makes it a good outdoor plant in the UAE. They have low maintenance but require a large area to spread in. So they require less gardening services but a large garden area to thrive best

Bougainvillea Plant in a villa garden (Photo courtesy by Unsplash.com)

Texas Ranger

Evergreen Outdoor Plants Dubai has a new member in the family. It is the Texas Ranger, a plant from Texas and America. It is also called Texas Ranger or Texas rain sage. It is also known as cenizo, Texas silverleaf, or Texas barometer bush. It is also called ash-bush, wild lilac, or purple sage. It is also called senisa, cenicilla, palo cenizo, or hierba del cenizo. It is very popular as an ornamental plant. It grows in hot, dry climates because it needs little water. It is also a good choice for gardening in Dubai.

Texas Ranger Plant (Photo courtesy by Shades of Green Nursery)


Plumbago auriculata is an evergreen shrub. It has the common names Cape plumbago or sky flower. It grows very tall and can reach up to 2 to 3 meters in height. It is native to South Africa and thrives best in very hot climates. It does not need so much care because of its pest and resistant nature. That’s why it is one of the best plants in the UAE desert that grows easily and has strong foundations.

Plumbago auriculata (Photo courtesy by Wikipedia)


Gardening in Dubai is an easy-to-do task even if you are a complete beginner. The hot, dry climate of Dubai is not good for many plant species. But, this does not mean you cannot have a lush green garden in your villa. There are many types of plants suitable for outdoor and indoor gardening. For successful gardening, Dubai has all the resources. You need them to grow plants in your outdoor space.

You will need a set of gardening tools, a water supply, and one of the above-mentioned plants to cultivate. If you cannot do it yourself, many landscaping companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai offer gardening services. They are professional. Choose the one that matches your needs and budget, and make it happen.

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